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Colin Kaepernick has been desperately trying to make a return to the NFL over the past few months, but it hasn’t been going very well for him. Now, his comeback plans have taken yet another hit, and this one may just end his dreams of an NFL return forever.

Smoke Room reported that though the Seattle Seahawks expressed interest in Kaepernick during the offseason, they are no longer interested in having him on their team. This was revealed by ESPN reporter Adam Schefter on Wednesday night.

Colin Kaepernick and his attorneys took depositions in his collusion grievance from Seahawks’ HC Pete Carroll today and from GM John Schneider on Wednesday, per source,” Schefter tweeted. “Seahawks expressed interest in Kaepernick this off-season, but he no longer appears to be in their plans.”

During his time as quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he took a knee during the National Anthem before games to protest race relations in the U.S. Kaepernick’s protests served as a major distraction for not only himself but his entire team, which had an abysmal season as their quarterback continued to race-bait every chance he got.

Since being let go by the 49ers, Kaepernick has claimed that racism has kept any other NFL team from signing him, but race clearly has nothing to do with this one.

Instead, no NFL team wants all the headaches and distractions that come with having someone around who blatantly disrespects the American flag before every game.

Kaepernick can say that kneeling during the National Anthem was solely about race all he wants to, but it’s really a blatant show of disrespect for all the men and women who have fought and died for the American flag.

Kaepernick may want to find a new career because it’s becoming clear that football is no longer a feasible path for him to pursue!

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