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Recently, Justin Bieber has been actively proclaiming his belief in Jesus Christ. Now, his mom is speaking out about how Christianity was an important part of his early years.

Pattie Mallette testified at a Christian conference called Light the Fire Again. When she found herself pregnant and unmarried she decided to dedicate her life to God. She feared she would be judged by other Christians, but that is not what she encountered at all.

“I said, ‘Oh my gosh, I took my life back in my own hands and look what I did,'” Mallette told everyone. “I was so ashamed. How could I go back to the church pregnant and unwed and so full of shame?”

Instead, she found prayer leaders praying over her and her unborn son at a home for unwed mothers. When Justin was born, she began raising him in the faith. She took him to Toronto Blessing Revivals.

One year, leaders of a youth group picked Justin up when he was 12 years old, just before he had his big singing break.

“The 20-somethings picked him up. There was like 5,000 people here. And they picked him up as a sign to upholding the next generation,” the proud mother said. “And they marched him around the room. And they had no idea what God was going to do.”

When Justin became an adult, he was living a lifestyle that was more Hollywood than Christian. Recently, Bieber has been focusing again on Christianity. He’s been spreading the word of God to his fans on social media. A recent Instagram post below shows the singer with a dog next to a cross. This simple, yet profound message has almost 3 million likes. He’s definitely spreading the message.

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Pattie Mallette said her son’s faith isn’t just present on social media. It’s part of who he is. “So many say the name of God, and they say, ‘Thank God, thank God,’ but he says, ‘Jesus loves you. Jesus, Jesus.’ And his Jewish manager — God bless him; he’s amazing — but he would say, ‘You know, not everyone can relate; maybe say just ‘God bless you, God loves you.'”

But Beiber told his manager, “‘No. You guys have died for your faith. I would die for mine. It has to be Jesus.'”

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Source: CBN

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