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In 2006, Dolly Parton was rightfully celebrated at the Kennedy Center Honors. The joyful, tall-haired singer certainly deserved this as she has been a mainstay on the music scene for decades, a feat only a few are successful and well-loved enough to do. In addition to the honor of the night itself, the country legend got to enjoy other singers performing her songs. If you know Dolly, you know that is something she takes much pride in.

Many artists were eager to show their appreciation of her music and years on the stage, but when Alison Krauss stepped out, everyone knew something special was going to happen. The country and bluegrass superstar sang Dolly’s 1973 hit Jolene, a song so good you don’t even have to be a country music fan to enjoy it. And in typical Alison style, she sang it perfectly.

As you can see in the video below, Dolly was beaming from ear to ear and completely enjoying this rendition of her chart-topper.

Watch the magic unfold below and keep your eyes peeled for President George W. Bush in the audience!

That was simply outstanding! Alison Krauss is such an amazing singer and to hear her pay homage to another great who came before her is a treat all music lovers can appreciate. Personally, I typically don’t like covers of Jolene, but Krauss was so good, she completely blew me away!

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If you loved hearing Alison Kraus sing Jolene, be sure to check out Dolly herself singing it with special musical guests! It’s a take on the classic that shouldn’t be missed!

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