uptown funk judy garland
Source: Screenshot, YouTube

“Uptown Funk” was a huge hit a few years ago. And when it plays, people of all ages can’t seem to sit still or stop from singing along.

Now, our favorite celebrities of the past can be seen dancing to this catchy Bruno Mars song as well. This mashup video catches Shirley Temple, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and many others moving to the beat of Uptown Funk.

There have been plenty of mashup videos to this song, but this one is by far my favorite as it highlights the best actors and actresses from the 1920s through the 1960s! They have some amazing dance moves that look as though they were choreographed specifically for this song!

Every move was recorded decades earlier for a movie or television show, but you’d never know that as it all meshes perfectly together for this modern song. It even looks like some of them are mouthing the words to the song!

It’s a fun video to watch and imagine how these celebrities from Hollywood’s Golden Age would react to the music of today.

Watch and see if you can identify the movies these dance scenes came from.

That was perfectly edited! Everything flowed so well.

One YouTube commenter said, “Again, this is an amazing accomplishment that created something I haven’t seen to this degree before. Not only where the beats get hit with the chosen visuals, but even the smaller notes, the words seemed to be lip-synced AND on top of that, each clip flowed not only to the music but to the last clip before it and the next to come. Someone climbing the stairs flows into another stair sequence, someone picks up a cane, the next clip does. The three of the stars in Singing in Rain hit their beats beautifully right down to sofa flip. And if they’re ‘simply’ dancing, the movement of one goes into the other. Every time I watch this, I see something new. Simply amazing.”

I completely agree!

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Source: Hello Giggles