Walmart bans stryper album

Walmart’s turn towards political correctness has targeted a new enemy and many Walmart shoppers won’t be happy to hear about this.

In fact, the giant chain store could face some serious backlash after refusing to sell longtime Christian metal band Stryper’s latest album, “God Damn Evil.” This band has been around since 1983, providing Christians with a religiously based alternative to mainstream heavy metal. You can rock out with Stryper without feeling guilty about it.

Apparently, this is not in line with Walmart’s agenda. This band makes no attempt to hide its Christian focus. Rather, these men put it out there to share with everyone. Styper got its name from Isaiah 53:5, “with His stripes we are healed.” The verse is featured prominently in the band’s logo.

Perhaps Walmart takes exception to Christian based lyrics. Their new single “Take It To The Cross” is like something you would hear in a sermon. Is this what Walmart objects to?

“We were created yet that is debated
But Christ said it so perfectly
‘I am the way and the truth
And the life and you get to
The father through me’
Through me!”

It is hard to imagine that Walmart shoppers, many of whom are Christian, would be offended by these spiritual lyrics that the retail behemoth has ripped from shelves.

Walmart claims the reason for the ban is because of the title, “God Damn Evil.” But, lead singer Michael Sweet has a simple explanation for why this latest album got its name.

“Our new album title ‘God Damn Evil’ is a statement that’s needed in our society,” Sweet said. “We’ve seen evil rise to new levels and this title is simply a prayer request asking God to damn or condemn all the evil around us.”

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Source: Daily Caller

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