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After saving people from a gunman at Waffle House on Sunday, 29-year-old James Shaw Jr. did something remarkable. He went to church. This hero said after the attack he needed healing that is found in a church community. Church is where he finds the love and support of friends, family, and God.

“I just went to church just so I could begin kind of like the healing process and kind of persevere through this situation,” he said in a “Fox and Friends” interview. “And I just wanted to be around, you know, some love. My fraternal brothers came to support me. My family was there to support me. The church was there to support me.”

“It just felt good to be around a lot of love. I actually didn’t want to just be in the house alone or in the hospital. Or detained by the police just to give them statements or something like that,” Shaw Jr. continued. “It just made sense for me to go to church.”

We all can learn a lot from James Shaw’s interview in the video below.

This humble man teaches us a lot about living well. He saved the day, even raised money for fellow Waffle House survivors, and praised Jesus. And he doesn’t want to be lavished with credit for doing what he believes was just the right thing to do!

Shaw does not consider himself to be a hero. “The way I see it is, it was either going to end with him shooting through the door and getting in there and killing me. Or him, if I got in the bathroom, he was either going to come through the bathroom door shooting me and killing me,” the humble hero said.

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Source: Daily Caller

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