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Tammie Jo Shults is the hero pilot who calmly landed a Southwest plane on Tuesday after part of its left engine was ripped off and damaged a window that sucked a passenger partially out of the plane.

Shults is being praised by passengers for saving their lives and then personally speaking with each one of them before they exited the plane. A look at her resume and hearing about her Christian faith explains a lot about this pilot who saved so many lives.


Alfred Tumlinson, told the AP, “She has nerves of steel. That lady, I applaud her. I’m going to send her a Christmas card — I’m going to tell you that — with a gift certificate for getting me on the ground. She was awesome. The lady, the crew, everything, everybody was immaculate. They were so professional in what they did to get us on the ground.”

She enlisted after graduating from MidAmerica Nazarene University in 1983. The Air Force wouldn’t allow her fly, so she joined the Navy. Shults is the first woman to fly in the US Navy. She was actually the first female to fly an F-18. At the time, women were not permitted to fly in combat so Shults became an instructor.

Shults was met with a lot of resistance as she was one of the first female pilots. She was a pioneer in this front. She didn’t allow people telling her ‘no’ to stop her from fulfilling her dreams. She persevered and helped pave the way for the female pilots of today.

Shults is a Christian and believes her job allows her to serve God. She previously stated being a pilot allows her “to witness for Christ on almost every flight.”

Her faith and the experience she has gained as a pilot in the Navy helped her remain calm and lead these passengers to safety. You can hear her radio communication after the engine explosion in the video below. She calmly explains that part of her airplane is missing and that someone was sucked out of the plane.

What an amazing woman! Tammie Jo Shults is certainly a role model many children should learn about. It’s horrific that a passenger died from this flight, but Shults saved everyone else on board and then personally greeted each one!

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Source: Fox Trot Alpha

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