Abigail Tanner’s son was sleeping when she spotted a piano at Duke Cancer Institute where her terminally ill 1-year-old is being treated. She sat down and performed a song so perfectly that many thought they heard an angel singing.

Her son, Lincoln, has a rare form of epilepsy called malignant migrating partial seizures of infancy. At one time he was having 200 seizures a day. At the time of her impromptu performance, Lincoln was down to 20-3o seizures a day. This is a dramatic improvement, but still a massive medical challenge for a toddler and his mother.

The South Carolina mother of three has gotten tremendous national attention for this very touching song, but she says it was a personal performance. “It was just a moment between Lincoln and I,” Tanner said.

The song she sang for Lincoln is “Never Enough” from the Hugh Jackman film, The Greatest Showman. “I just love that song,” the mom said. “There’s a lot of joy in it. There’s hope out there.”

“I had a couple minutes without my kids and he was sleeping peacefully. I just took a timeout to play a song,” Tanner continued.

Duke Cancer Institute posted this remarkable performance last month. It has over 240,000 views. You can watch this touching song being sung by Lincoln’s loving mom in the video below!

What a beautiful performance of this song. The video has amassed hundreds of comments. Abigail wrote a reply to all the well-wishers. “It means so much to our family to have your love, support, and prayers,” the singing mom said. She also thanked Duke for having an accessible piano as playing it is very “cathartic” to her.

Abigail shares Lincoln’s journey with this rare disease on a Facebook page called Lincoln’s Road.

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Source: Inside Edition

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