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Driving requires complete concentration so texting while driving can be a death sentence. Even taking a second or two to read a message can cost a driver or passenger their life or a lifetime of misery. Unfortunately, there are too many cases to document.

Last words are sometimes memorable and bring us joy and peace when we think of the person who said them. Sadly, last words in the form of text messages that are the cause of deadly car crashes are never anything but haunting.

Mariah West got a text message while she was driving. “Where u at” was the three-word text that cost Mariah her life. It was the day before Mariah was to graduate from high school. This exciting day ended up being the last day of her life because of that message.

“When I got to the scene, her face was disfigured from sliding down the roadway,” the officer who found Mariah said. “It’s funny, the first thing I noticed about her was her shoes. Lying in the roadway in a large pool of blood, I noticed her shoes and I thought ‘this is a young girl.’ At that point is when I noticed her cap and gown was still in her car. She was going to graduate the next day. It was just a really horrific scene.”

A girl named Ashley was killed reading a one worded text from her sister. Ashley’s sister’s guilt is overwhelming. Of course, she didn’t realize what that text would lead to when she sent it, but she carries the ramifications of it every day.

AT&T produced a video called, “The Last Text” detailing these stories to help warn people about the dangers of texting. It’s a heartbreaking reminder about the dangers of something that people do daily.

WATCH the video below to find out the four letter word that ended one young woman’s life:

Just devastating. Not only is the texting driver at risk, but so is everyone on the road. The grief has a ripple effect on many families and friends. Lives are forever changed by texting and driving.

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