Fast action and quick thinking from an 8-year-old girl is being applauded for saving the life of her little brother and herself after a kidnapper stole a car and headed toward Mexico.

Rodney Cole left his car running when he ran into a San Diego area beauty supply store to get his daughter Maliah hair supplies. Unfortunately, he also left his two young children in the car when he ran into the store for two minutes. A woman jumped in the car and took off. Rodney ran after the car, but was no match for its speed.

“I saw my dad coming out the store and I saw him banging on the window, but she rolled the window up,” Malaiah said.

The single dad had given his daughter a cell phone to be used in an emergency. It didn’t have cell service but could be used to call 911. That’s exactly what Maliah did. She told the dispatch operator they had been kidnapped and their car was headed to the Mexican border.

Quick Thinking

“They said, ‘911, what’s your emergency?’ And I said, ‘Me and my little brother got kidnapped.’ She said, ‘Can you tell us where you are? What do you see?’ I said, ‘I see signs that say Mexico border.’ She tried to take the phone from me, but then I moved away from her. She said, ‘Give me the phone or I’m going to drive in circles and crash into the freeway wall,'” Malaiah calmly recalled.

It’s amazing that this child was able to do this under such terrifying conditions. Who knows what would have happened if their kidnapper was able to take them across the border. You can watch her and her father describe this ordeal in the video below.

What an amazing story of quick thinking and bravery to share!

Source: ABC

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