Michael Finney, a Carl’s Jr. supervisor, who’s credited with helping to save the life of a woman shot by the YouTube shooter now has enough money to attend college.

The fast-food restaurant is caddy corner to YouTube campus in San Bruno, California. The woman came into Carl’s Jr. bleeding after being shot by Nasim Najafi Aghdam April 3. The fast-acting manager helped stop the bleeding in her leg by using a bungee cord as a tourniquet.

In a video taken on the scene shortly after the incident, Finney calmly explained how he helped this shooting victim. He was not boastful and acted as if he hadn’t done anything remarkable. Take a look:

In another interview where the 21-year-old manager downplayed his role in saving this woman’s life, he mentioned that he wants to go to college. He is working at Carl’s Jr so he can save up money to possibly learn to repair cars.

A GoFundMe account was established by Google computer engineer Amar Amteto to help fund Finney’s dream. Amteto wanted to make something positive come out of this violent ordeal. He said, “He showed great presence of mind. I wanted to find something positive out of all of this.”

The goal of the fundraiser was to raise $10,000, but it has far exceeded that. Carl’s Jr. CEO Jason Marker more than doubled the goal by donating $11,000 to send his manager to college. Currently, $24,000 has been raised. Carl’s Jr. also tweeted a link to the GoFundMe to encourage even more donations for Finney.

Ordinary people can do remarkable things. Michael Finney is an example of that. Now, thanks to the generosity of the CEO of Carl’s Jr. and many strangers who appreciate his willingness to help, he will be going to college!

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Source: Fox 4

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