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Candace Cameron Bure used to be the sole conservative voice on “The View.” Those days are in her rearview mirror, but the “Fuller House” star recently returned to the table with her former co-hosts.

Bure was on The View to discuss her new book, “Kind Is The New Classy: The Power of Living Graciously.” Bure wants to promote the importance of kindness. This is a rather interesting topic for ladies of “The View,” like Joy Behar who regularly peddles negativity and downright nasty comments.

The actress also discussed the hardest day on the show. She was really struggling the morning of the San Bernandino mass shooting. Her children go to school close to the shooting and she was facing the possibility of “what if.” That’s when she felt the kindness of one of her co-hosts.

“Their schools were on lockdown and I felt so far away. I felt like I was helpless because I couldn’t be with them and I was crying, I didn’t know how to really cope with it. I was in my closet with the door shut, curled in a ball, crying and praying because I thought, ‘I have to go on live television in 20 minutes and I don’t know how I’m going to make it through,'” Bure told the audience.

“There was this very persistent knock at the door, that I was hoping would go away, and it didn’t and when I opened the door it was Whoopi,” Bure said to Whoopi Goldberg.

“You just stood there and asked if you could come in, and I said ‘yes,’ and you just went, ‘come here, come here,’ and I hugged you and you hugged me and I cried into your shoulder and you didn’t let me go which made me feel even more incredible, because you were mama bear protecting me. You said, ‘I’m not going to let you fail or fall out there, you just speak from the heart today and I got you,'” Bure remembered.

When discussing the importance of kindness, Joy Behar admits that it’s hard to be kind. That likely won’t shock a lot of people.


Candace Cameron Bure is such a graceful woman. She never puts her Christianity on the shelf. It’s part of her life and her interactions with everyone, including the ladies of “The View.”

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