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Tori and Zach Roloff don’t allow their height difference to get in the way of their relationship. This defies a lot of traditional stereotypes about relationships.

The young mom was at the store without her husband when she heard a woman and a man flirting. The man said they would be a cute couple because he was taller than her. The woman responded, “Well, I would hope so!”

Tori found this rationale rather disturbing. If she subscribed to that litmus test, then she wouldn’t be with Zach, and Jackson wouldn’t exist. Society often tells us that a man is supposed to be taller than the woman. But, that is a foolish expectation. A couple’s height does not equal happiness.

Height doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Being kind and loving is more important than being tall. Tori explains that this couple was taking beauty from the outside, rather than the character that is on the inside.

The couple goes onto explain that this is especially important since Jackson will be about the same height as Zach. They want other people to give him a fair shake rather than judge him by his height and be unwilling to date him.

They make a lot of solid and important points in the video below.

They make a lot of sense. I am happy that Tori and Zach didn’t have a preconceived notion of height when they met and decided to get married!

Little People, Big World” fans are anxiously awaiting Season 13 of the show to premiere. It seems like forever since the Roloffs have had a new episode of their reality show. A lot has changed since then. They have two grandchildren now because Jeremy and Audrey have Ember.

Molly got married last summer, and now Jacob is engaged. There will be a lot of changes to this beloved family when “Little People, Big World” finally returns.

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