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A trip to a ski resort turned into a terrifying nightmare for over a dozen people as they were thrown from an out of control chairlift in Georgia.

The lift suddenly turned into a death trap as it spun out of control at high rates of speed. Helpess people already riding the lift were tossed and tugged around. Those who didn’t jump were thrown into a bit of a collision. People on the ground stood in horror and helplessly watched as they couldn’t do much to react.

Witness Peter Knyshov shared the video on his Facebook account. He reports that the people who jumped from the lift prior to the collision found themselves with bruises and broken bones. Those who rode it out and ended up in the collision had it much worse.

“People who fell under the ‘meat grinder’ after the chairs collided received numerous injuries,” the Ukrainian man stated.

It took 2 minutes before technicians were able to turn off the out of control chairlift. Rescuers were on the scene to assist the injured about 7 or 8 minutes later. People who were waiting in line for the lift stepped up and tried to assist the injured while they waited for medical personnel to arrive.

The horrifying video is below.

How terrifying! This is what nightmares are made of. Imagine the horror of riding on that lift with your child when it went into turbo mode high up in the air!

The Georgian Interior Ministry has launched an investigation into this accident. The ski resort’s administration has also asked the manufacturer of the ski lift to send inspectors to investigate and give a full report on what happened and how it will be prevented in the future.

Everyone needs to see this! Make sure your friends and family are aware of the dangers they could face from faulty equipment!

Source: RT

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