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Ron White wants you to know that he’s not your average Texan. He doesn’t hunt. While he doesn’t avoid hunting for ethical reasons, there is another reason entirely.

Deer hunters have to get up early in the morning. Ron likes to sleep in, so he’s not going hunting. I can appreciate that. But, he fishes instead. There is no need to wake up early to fish.

“I don’t think it’s holier to eat meat that’s been bludgeoned to death by somebody else. That’s not it! It’s really early in the morning. It’s really cold outside. I don’t want to go,” Wood says.

Ron’s cousin Ray is an avid deer hunter and he’s quite proud of it. The “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” alum does an impression of his cousin in the video below. Ray doesn’t seem to understand why a man wouldn’t go deer hunting.

Ron White has a different approach to hunting a deer thank his cousin Ray. His technique doesn’t involve using a rifle, though. His tactic is much more unorthodox but is also far more expensive.

Watch the video below for a good laugh!

That is hilarious! I guess hitting a deer with your car is a form of accidental hunting. It is not something you plan on doing, but when it happens, you could claim it as a trophy of sorts. You do not have to worry about deer urine getting on your boots, but you likely will have an expensive trip to the body shop!

If you are a Ron White fan, click here to watch him give marital advice. Don’t marry someone for their looks. Looks change over time, but stupid is forever! It does not matter how pretty someone is, it’s hard to live with someone who is stupid for your entire life!

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