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One woman found herself in a position where she was witness to just how bad ass her boyfriend actually is.

When a couple was walking through a tunnel in the United Kingdom, they were not alone. They passed two men who were smoking, seemingly waiting for trouble.  And trouble they received.

Nobody with good intentions just hangs out in a tunnel. One of the lowlife waste of space scumbags decided to throw a cigarette butt into the woman’s hair as the couple passed. That’s when things escalated… very quickly.

The couple was ready to brush it all off and walk away until the two creeps obviously taunted them again. The woman didn’t appear to watch the confrontation, but the boyfriend was compelled to defend her honor and teach these punks a lesson that won’t soon forget.

Watch the altercation below:

He cold cocked that punk. One hit K.O. Lights Out! Night Night! The man who threw the cigarette went down cold with just a single punch. He didn’t even last five seconds! Clearly, this measly rat’s bark was worse than his bite. His buddy in crime went down pretty quickly but wasn’t knocked out cold.

These two men were no match for the woman’s boyfriend. Together they couldn’t even withstand him for a handful of seconds. What fools these wimps are to go picking fights with people! They are such weaklings that I bet the woman could have knocked them out too!

I’m assuming that wasn’t how they intended things to go. What kind of creep throws a cigarette in a woman’s hair anyhow? These two were probably freeloaders and bummed cigarettes off someone too. They probably ran home to Mommy’s for some milk and cookies to sooth their bruised egos.

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