Mikelle Biggs

A clue discovered written on a dollar bill has sparked interest in the case of a girl who went missing in 1999. Mesa, Arizona detectives are investigating the tip on the dollar bill that some think was written by Mikelle Biggs herself.

Mikelle vanished without a trace in just 90 seconds. The 11-year-old went outside when she heard the ice cream truck. Seconds later Mikelle’s sister discovered her bike in the middle of the road and the young girl was nowhere in sight. Her money for the ice cream truck was also found on the road.

Her picture was splashed everywhere in the area in a desperate attempt to find the missing girl. Every road, in this case, led to a dead end.

Her sister Kimber was the last person to see her alive. She spoke about the disappearance and search just last year. That video is below.

The discovery of the bill at first presented quite a bit of hope that Mikelle was still alive. But, Kimber quickly recognized that her sister’s name was spelled wrong. She insists that even when Mikelle went missing, she knew how to spell her name.

The handwriting appeared to be that of a child’s. If Mikelle survived she would be a grown woman now. Of course, we don’t know what she would have experienced in that 19 years that could cause memory or handwriting issues.

“I think it could be a step in the right direction, at best,” Kimber Biggs said. “I don’t believe she would have written it, as the circumstances of it don’t make much sense. There’s always that bit of hope, but I think right now we just want it to lead to someone who knows something.”

Although it is unlikely that Mikelle wrote on this bill, police are investigating the tip. Video about this latest discovery is below.

Mikelle Biggskidnapping case is one that continues to haunt people in Arizona. Her sudden disappearance continues to concern parents in the Mesa area all these years later.

Her family has grieved this loss for almost 20 years, but they still have hope that unsolved questions about her disappearance might one day be answered.

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Source: AZ Central

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