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Saturday Night Live isn’t a show I would watch for parenting advice, but they completely nailed the effects of liberal parenting in one of their Dysfunctional Family Dinners.

Modern parenting is much different than how many of us were raised. Many of today’s parents prefer to be their children’s friends rather than their parents. This has created all sort of problems during the teen and young adult years.

Sparing The Rod

Sparing the rod or discipline has created many entitled brats who don’t have any respect for authority. They aren’t taught boundaries when they are young, so they don’t know how to act. Parents pay the price later for not disciplining their children at a young age and teaching them manners.

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Will Ferrell and Ana Gasteyer play Amy Poehler’s parents in this funny skit and Gweneth Paltrow acts as Amy’s friend who is over for dinner. The four of them loudly cut their food in silence, highlighting the disconnection and tension in the family.

The parents make the mistake of trying to have conversations with the teens. The brusk response from the girls makes you think they have been spending all their time watching gangsta rap videos. They even pretend to shoot Will Ferrell as they are trying to eat.

Mocking Passive Parenting

Eventually, the girls run out of the dining room shouting at the parents. This video mocks passive parenting. The parents lose control of the situation, all before dessert!

The video below will likely have you feeling like the parent of the year!

This video should be used to promote paddling, which is making a comeback in some schools. Similar scenes are unfortunately not uncommon in homes across the country. We need to bring discipline back and kick this bad behavior to the curb!

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