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Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg sat down for a competitive¬†game of You Laugh, You Lose. The Daddy’s Home 2 co-stars told each other jokes and kept score. Whoever laughed the most lost. But, these weren’t just any jokes. They were dad jokes to promote their movie.

Dad jokes are so bad that sometimes they are good. That’s what makes them funny. As you laugh, you might be scolding yourself for thinking a flat pun is funny. Mark Wahlberg was at a serious disadvantage because he kept laughing at his own jokes. He even laughed before the punchline was delivered!

Wahlberg started out on the wrong foot laughing at most everything, but then it became Will Ferrell’s turn to laugh as the jokes got even worse.

Watch the video below and try not to laugh at the bad dad jokes!

Those jokes were awful but in a very dad way. Ferrell and Wahlberg’s new movie Daddy’s Home 2¬†is filled with these sort of dad jokes. In the movie, Ferrell is the stepfather to Wahlberg’s children. They have a symbiotic approach to parenting that works out for the whole family. But at Christmas, things get interesting when their own fathers join the mix. Wahlberg’s dad is played by Mel Gibson while Ferrell’s dad is played by Jon Lithgow.

As you can imagine, there are lots of dad jokes peppered throughout the movie. A trailer for Daddy’s Home 2 is below.

Mark Wahlberg doesn’t hide that he is a proud father to four children. Like any dad, he loves embarrassing his kids. Once, his daughter Ella dared him to freestyle rap on a national radio show. She immediately regretted it and probably would have gladly taken bad dad jokes instead. Click here to watch that hilarious video.

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