Peanut Has Everyone Laughing In One Of Jeff Dunham’s Most Watched Videos!

Oh, Peanut!

A good ventriloquist will make you forget that his puppets aren’t real. That’s exactly what Jeff Dunham does at every performance.

The video below is one of his most watched ever. He and Peanut go back and forth in a manner that makes you wonder how it’s even possible Peanut is being voiced by Jeff.

Peanut insists that Jeff says his name wrong. When Peanut starts making fun of Jeff’s name, you can see Dunham appear upset, so Peanut continues. He claims it is pronounced Done – Ham. He calls Jeff “the other white meat!” He also insists that Jeff needs to pronounce the second f in Jeff.

Peanut even catches Dunham picking his nose. It’s not only funny, but it really shows Jeff’s talent! His comedic timing is precise and it’s hilarious to realize that Jeff is actually making fun of himself through Peanut. Jeff looks genuinely upset with Peanut making fun of his name.

Watch the video below to see why it’s so popular!

Jeff Dunham is easily the best ventriloquist I have ever seen. You don’t even realize that he’s technically arguing with himself when he’s talking to Peanut!

Have you ever noticed that Peanut only wears one sneaker? His left foot is the only one covered. In Dunham’s book “Arguing With Myself,” Jeff claims he has never done drugs. Peanut responds by asking him, “Then how the hell did you come up with me?” Peanut sure is an unusual looking and hyperactive character! In addition to all of this, Peanut is allergic to nuts, dairy, fish, fire, liquids, plastic furniture, textbooks, catnip, tissue, meat, fruit, bee stings, sugar, and dust.

Jeff explained in his book “Arguing with Myself” that Peanut is from a small Micronesian island. He claims they met in Florida. That must be an interesting story!

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