The 2018 Academy Awards was full of self-righteous and pompous lecturing from overpaid actors to Middle America about gun control and their hatred of the Trump Administration. It also was the first Oscars since Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s downfall from his decades-long sexual harassment and assault scandal.

This put Hollywood in a pinch. They turned a blind eye and tolerated this behavior, all while scolding Americans who weren’t progressive like them. So, how would they address this massive hypocrisy?

Harry Potter alum Emma Watson, who is a dedicated feminist, took a stab at it and failed epically in the process.

Watson sported a “Times Up” tattoo on her forearm to display her hostility towards the sexual harassment women faced. But, she forgot something incredibly important – an apostrophe.

This actress graduated from Brown University but didn’t know that it should read “Time’s Up.” What a huge flop! She was chided for this immediately. Did she not learn basic grammar and spelling while being educated at a prestigious Ivy League school?

In addition to forgetting an apostrophe, Watson clearly wants us to forget that she was rather chummy with Harvey Weinstein as he was tormenting women in Hollywood. She was previously happy to associate with the scandal-plagued Hollywood mogul who allegedly assaulted and harassed countless women.

Watson wasn’t complaining about Weinstein when he was helping her transition from a child star to an adult actress. It has been said continuously that everyone knew about Weinstein’s behavior and did nothing. That includes Watson, who decided to sport a tattoo about fighting sexual harassment.

What hypocrisy! It’s rather fitting that it is spelled incorrectly! The Harry Potter actress is probably grateful this is only a temporary tattoo. At least she didn’t make this embarrassing mistake with a permanent one.

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Source: Daily Mail

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