When the Miz came from reality television to the main WWE roster, nobody backstage believed he would last. Most of his fellow wrestlers gave him a hard time backstage, especially JBL, but the Miz held in there and became one of the main superstars on the WWE roster!

Miz fans can get even more excited now because the Miz has signed his new contract with the WWE. Here is the story!

Signing a Multi-Year Deal

Most wrestlers get a contract that is quite limited; this can range anything from a year to two years. However, the WWE is seeing the value of the Miz and have offered him a multi-year deal until 2012! So, if you have been enjoying Miz TV as well as the dirty tricks the Miz uses to win, you will be loving the next couple of years!

A True Intercontinental Champion

Even though the Miz has won other titles during his stint in the WWE, he is mainly known for his many stints as Intercontinental Champion.

At the time of this article, the Miz is on his eighth Intercontinental Championship reign. His latest Intercontinental Championship run puts the Miz among the greats since this feat is only beaten by Chris Jericho.

WrestleMania Match

Rumors backstage seem to indicate there is a big match in the works for the Miz at WrestleMania this year. However, I hope they do not take away his Intercontinental Championship for him to get that big event at WrestleMania because the Miz has done wonders with this title on Raw.

It is no secret that the Miz has elevated the Intercontinental Championship. Not everyone can elevate a title, some forgettable reigns of title holders in the past prove this point for me.

Miz and Mrs

There is more good news for Miz and Maryse fans because the couple is getting their own reality show. I have to be honest, at one point I was only watching Total Divas to see Miz and Maryse, so this new reality show is certainly something I am looking forward too.

The new series involving the Miz and Maryse will be called Miz and Mrs. It will be aired on USA Network and is expected to debut this year. I, for one, cannot wait!


There are some busy times ahead for the Miz and Maryse, and I could not be happier that the couple enjoys such great success. Of course, fans are not only happily awaiting the new reality series and more Miz on Raw television, but also the arrival of the couple’s first baby!

My everything ❤️

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While I must admit I am a little sad not seeing Maryse by her husband’s side during Raw, the arrival of baby Miz and Maryse is certainly happy news. I wish the couple nothing but happiness in the busy times to come. We will keep you posted on any developments!

What Miz and Maryse development are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment section below!