Amy Roloff

“Little People, Big World” fans are very familiar with how involved Amy Roloff is with her four children. They are all adults now, but they still remain very close.

The reality show mom was feeling a bit nostalgic and posted a picture of twins Zach and Jeremy when they were just babies. The adorable picture shows a younger Amy taking care of her two eldest children.

In the photo, Amy is drying off Jeremy after giving him a bath. The tyke is smiling while his mom wraps him in a towel. Zach is laying on the floor next to a pile of clothes. It looks like he was next in line for a bath.

The picture below is a good indicator of what moms of twins go through. It’s hard to take care of both of them at the same time. Amy has the added challenge of being smaller while handling twins. A lot of Amy’s fans called her a supermom after seeing this adorable photo.

Betty Tucker wrote, “One hellava mommy Amy it had to have been a challenge to take care of 4 children, love you, and your a good grandma too.” Many people applauded Amy for successfully being able to care for twins, and for being a great grandma.

The Roloff children grew up in a loving home and had lots of fun. Amy has posted other pictures of her children when they were younger. The picture below really reflects the personality differences between twins Zach and Jeremy. It’s hilarious to see Zach’s long hair and his big smile.

As the twins grew, so did Amy’s love for them.

After Molly and Jacob were born, Amy handled it all brilliantly, despite all the challenges.

Roloff Family

The Roloffs will soon be adding another member to their family. It was recently announced that Amy and Matt’s youngest son Jacob is engaged. Amy shared the joyful news on social media.

As you can see from a throwback picture of Jacob below, they definitely grow up fast. He looks so much like Matt.

Jacob Roloff

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