rat escalator
rat escalator

Some mall shoppers got quite a shock when they got on the escalator. Almost immediately, several riders could be heard screaming at the top of their lungs, all because a rat was on the escalator with them.

Someone who heard the screams ran over to record what was going on. The video has gone viral because it’s not something you expect to see at an upscale mall, even in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

The person who took the video wrote, “It was an ordinary mall stroll when I heard ladies shouting, so got close and start recording. There was a rat on the escalator, scaring people that are trying to go down an escalator.”

Mall workers immediately stopped the escalator, otherwise, the rat’s tail would have been caught between the steps. But, that wasn’t much help to the screaming women who were trying to run away from the beady-eyed creature jumping at their feet.

Watch the video below. How would you have reacted?

I hope the food court wasn’t nearby! I’m not sure I would take that escalator knowing I might encounter a germ-infested rat. I’d probably turn around and head back upstairs. I don’t blame them for screaming one bit.

This isn’t that uncommon of a sight. Malls are expansive buildings with plenty of crumbs¬†and food for these rodents to feast on. There are also plenty of hiding places where these rats can live for long periods of time.

Shoppers at the Rainbow Shopping Plaza mall in Nanchang City, in southeastern China’s Jiangxi Province, had a similar experience when they saw a rat trying to run the wrong way on the escalator. After five minutes of trying and going nowhere, the rodent gave up and turned around to escape.

That video is below.

Yuck! Those little beasts can be anywhere. Hopefully, the malls cracked down on the rats after seeing these viral videos.

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