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Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles is a proud Christian. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is spreading his message of faith to anyone who will listen, including Ellen DeGeneres.

He went on “Ellen” to discuss his Super Bowl win and his message on the importance of failure and having God in his life. Ellen’s show isn’t one you associate with promoting Christianity, but that didn’t stop Foles from sharing the fact that God is an important part of his life.

He told Ellen the Bible, faith, and prayer have helped him overcome obstacles and fear that he has encountered.

The quarterback also told Ellen he also quit football two years ago. He “lost the joy” the game used to bring him. But with the encouragement of his wife, he prayed about it.

“When I took a step in that faith … I still was like, “This is gonna be tough. I don’t know if this is the right decision.” But I did it. And it was the fourth day of training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs where all of sudden a veil was lifted and the joy came back in my heart …,” Foles told Ellen. “I was reading the Bible in the morning and journaling, I remember just crying because I was like, “I love the game of football again.” But it was a different feel. It was a totally different feel because of what I had gone through. … I feel like athletes, we try to be perfect. And we’re not. We fail just like anyone else. We have issues like everyone else. We have life. Life happens. And it’s OK to share those things because I think that’s what makes us strong is overcoming those failures.”

As you can see in the video below, Ellen DeGeneres was very receptive to Foles’ story.

The Eagles were the underdog, but Foles never lost hope. Now, he is using his platform to discuss his faith and encourage others.

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