k-9 catches car thief


Police K-9 Takes Off – Cop Finally Catches Up And Witnesses INSANE Takedown!

A Pasco County, Florida deputy and his loyal K-9 split up to catch two car thieves, and the video has since gone viral. You'll see why.

They say dogs are man’s best friend, and a K-9 officer in Florida recently learned that they’re a policeman’s best partner, too.

Pasco County Deputy Nick Carmack was pursuing a stolen Ford Expedition on Saturday when the vehicle crashed into a telephone pole. The driver, identified as Jacob Montgomery, then fled on foot – and Carmack’s K-9 partner, Shep, took off into the woods to catch him while Carmack detained the passenger, identified as David Brunton.

“Get ‘em, Shep!” the deputy yells to his canine partner, who disappears off camera in the wooded area.

Carmack then starts running, clutching Brunton at his side, to help Shep apprehend Montgomery.

“Get off my dog, bro! Get off my dog, bro!” the deputy shouts at Montgomery, who is tussling with Shep at the end of a gravel driveway.

“I’m not f–king with you… I’m gonna tase the s–t outta you!” Carmack warns Montgomery.

After backup arrives, deputies arrest Montgomery, and Carmack returns to his cruiser with his loyal pooch.

The arrest was all caught on Carmack’s body camera, and the footage of Shep’s brave pursuit has gone viral. Watch below.

According to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco, he’s not surprised by Shep’s actions. “In all reality, Shep is Nick’s partner. They go to work together every day. They live in the same house together. Those two are very tight.”

Thankfully, Shep wasn’t hurt during the takedown of the suspect. Montgomery and Brunton were charged with stealing a vehicle and fleeing a law enforcement officer and his K-9.

Time and time again, dogs have proven to be invaluable to humans, whether they’re simply providing companionship or protecting us from harm. Kudos to Deputy Carmack for training such a loyal partner, and kudos to Shep for pursuing justice in the face of danger!

Source: WFLA

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