Fear Factor Scorpions

“Fear Factor” contestants were put in some disgusting situations that often appeared as dangerous as they were scary. It’s hard enough just watching some of the challenges, so I can’t imagine actually participating in the show!

The scorpion pit was one of the challenges that was painful to watch. The contestants had to stay in the pit with 3,000 scorpions for 3.5 minutes! In addition to having thousands of scorpions crawl over them, there was also the concern of being stung! One thing is for certain, panicking around such reactive creatures is the worst thing you could possibly do.

Watch what happened to the woman in the scorpion pit in the video below. Could you have handled staying in there for 3.5 minutes?

I wouldn’t have even tried. I’d have walked away without stepping foot into that pit!

“Fear Factor” is returning on February 25th. The series has moved to MTV and is being hosted by rapper Ludacris. Contestants who complete the challenges win $50,000.

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