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The Carol Burnett Show had some A-list guests on the show during the 11 seasons it aired on television. Don Rickles was one of those guests in 1969.

“Mr. Warmth” brought his abrasive charm offensive to a skit that had both Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman trying not to burst out laughing. Rickles was a painter working for Carol. There was one major problem with this job. Carol kept changing her mind about the color while Rickles was painting.

As you can imagine, Don Rickles had no patience for this indecisiveness. He had to call his doctor to ask how many pills he needs to take to help him get through this ordeal.

Rickles tries to keep his cool, but he just can’t with so many changes in the middle of his project. He ends up telling Carol that a “nutty, flippy broad” like her probably drove Hitler to start World War II. Then Carol’s husband, played by Harvey Korman, comes home. That’s when things get even hotter!

Rickles Goes Off Script

Rickles obviously went off script because Carol and Harvey didn’t appear to seem to be expecting this level of anger from him. They both struggled to contain their laughter as Rickles expressed his disgust. He said instead of having the walls painted, they needed to be padded because Carol is nuts.

When Rickles and Korman were face to face yelling at each other, Mr. Warmth said something so off the script that the audience roared with laughter when Harvey closed his eyes and tried to keep it together.

Watch the video below for a good laugh!

What did they expect when they had Don Rickles on the show? He stole the show and made them all laugh. He probably did need a tranquilizer after that performance.

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