The Carol Burnett Show

Carol Burnett was the Queen of Comedy. From 1967 to 1978, millions of American families gathered around their television sets to watch The Carol Burnett Show. The incredibly popular variety/sketch comedy series offered us something new every week. You didn’t know what you would see, but you knew one thing for sure – that you would be laughing a lot.

There are some lost episodes that have been forgotten about but are being rediscovered.

Carol Burnett Loses Her Cool

A clip from one of those episodes shows Carol upset with her husband, played by Harvey Korman. Harvey is engrossed in a football game and completely ignoring Carol. She’s not having it!

Carol storms out of their home and then returns for the instant replay when Harvey doesn’t even notice her dramatic exit. This is classic Carol Burnett! She uses a lot of physical comedy to get some laughs. It’s hysterical.


There will never be another show quite like “The Carol Burnett Show!

Another clip from the Lost Episodes shows Carol acting silly after being overserved while out with her sister.

Carol Had One Too Many

Carol is trying to hide her lack of sobriety from her husband, played by Harvey Korman. He was quick to catch on. He asked, “Her mouth’s not moving. That’s not like her!”

After she finally fesses up to her alcohol-induced state, Harvey asks her why she was drinking in the middle of the day. Her answer will have you laughing! Check out the video below!

Many of us loved watching this show for over a decade. Carol helped show us there is so much humor in everyday life. It’s better to laugh than to take everything seriously.

If you loved watching The Carol Burnett Show, click here to see Tim Conway and Carol Burnett as servants to Harvey Korman and Vicki Lawrence.

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