Patty Mayo

Discipline is an essential part of parenting. If boundaries aren’t established at an early age, a bratty child will carry those traits into adulthood. A 20-something adult having a temper tantrum is not something that parents want to see, but it will be their reality if they don’t teach their kids that the universe doesn’t center around them.

A bounty hunter name Patty Mayo had to clean up the mess one family made by not disciplining their daughter. She was so used to getting her way that she had a full-blown temper tantrum when she was heading to jail for not paying her bail.

Her dad was tired of her bratty ways and finally had enough. He drew a line in the sand and called the bounty hunter to teach her a lesson. She couldn’t believe her dad was not babying her anymore!

It is amazing anyone legally considered an adult would act this way. Everything Patty did, she would cry out in false pain when it was clear he never hurt her. It would be infuriating to watch this if it weren’t so hilarious. Of course, this happened in Southern California which is ground zero for bratty behavior.

She turned on the tears to try to get a sympathetic reaction from Patty Mayo. This has probably always worked for her, but it’s not working anymore. She’s about to get a real dose of reality and face some consequences in jail. Her dad has had enough of her bratty and entitled behavior.

Watching the video below will make you feel as if you won the parenting Olympics.

It sure would have been easier and less expensive to just teach her this when she was two years old. Maybe seeing how silly and petulant she looks on camera will make her grow up. This brat needs a serious wake-up call.

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