The FBI is warning parents about a scam that targets unsuspecting families. Virtual kidnappers are contacting parents and saying they have kidnapped their children. Then, a ransom is required to set the child free.

However, the ruse of it all is that it’s a complete hoax designed to fleece desperate parents out of hundreds or thousands of dollars. In these cases, the children have not been kidnapped. They are safe. The scammers use social media clues to make the parents believe their childrenĀ are in imminent danger.

Families have spoken out about how they were targeted by these virtual kidnappers. Some of the parents even hit the panic button and sent Western Union payments because they believed their children were being held hostage.

One mother gave her phony kidnappers $9,000 in ransom money after being told her daughter, who is a college student, was kidnapped. They terrorized her and kept her on the phone saying they would shoot her daughter. The terrified mother drove around to banks and Western Unions out of fear they would harm her child and all the while, she was completely fine.

Security experts warn parents not to post public details about their families. These scammers are looking for people to build files on so they can easily target them. You have to be careful about sharing not only pictures of your children, but where they go to school and what their upcoming plans are. While unsuspecting parents view this as harmless information, virtual kidnappers will use it against you to make you believe they have your child.

There aren’t any victims in these cases until the parent starts paying the ransom. The FBI stated these scams have occurred all over the country. They warn against answering phone calls when you don’t recognize the number.

More information on these kidnappings is in the video below.

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Source: Daily Mail

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