Times Square Prayer

Sometimes in life, we all need a reminder of just how powerful God is. He is a constant presence in our lives, but sometimes we forget the influence he should have over us. Rarely have a I felt more moved than when I first Christians flood Times Square in New York City to publicly and humbly praise God.

‘God Belongs In My City’ Takes Over Times Square In New York City

An unlikely group of people took over Times Square just before the 2016 election.

Thousands converged at the popular tourist spot to pray and worship God in a very public manner right in New York City.

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God Belongs in My City was formed in 2009 when a youth group was fed up with all the atheist billboards in New York City.

They are not afraid to proclaim their love for Jesus. Their visibility is helping others accept Christ in a city in that it sometimes appears to be agnostic.

This enormous gathering was an amazing way to remind New Yorkers that God is still with them.

In the video below, you can hear and see so many Christians gather in prayer in a high trafficked area of New York City!

I get chills as together they sing, “My God is awesome!”. The leader calls, “Say it you like you mean it!” And the crowd repeats their praise “Awesome!”

What a beautiful thing to watch. It will get you right in the feels!

Praising God In New York City

You are never alone when you believe in God. These Christians showed that to New Yorkers!

We are many and we should be proud to speak out about our faith and welcome others into the fold.

Safia Sadiah made an excellent point about God loving us all equally.

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He does not care where we live or what we do. He is always there for us.

“My God is known throughout all this world no matter where you go.. whether he’s hated or loved but everyone know’s him no celebrity or president is grater (SIC) or famous than Jesus even after death he’s the most talk about person in this universe.. that’s my JESUS… Amen,” she wrote in the video from the event.

God’s not dead. He is still saving souls from the depravity of our times.

His presence is everywhere, including big cities like New York where many have substituted faith for secular life and sin.

Never give up on the power of prayer and redemption!

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