teen cuts his dreads

In the video below, a young boy named Max decided it was time to get rid of his dreadlocks. For years, Max’s mother wanted to see her baby without his long hair, but she didn’t force him to cut his dreads off. After years of praying by his mother, one day Max finally made her wish come true.

Max’s story reminds me of the same problem I had with my stepson. He had dreadlocks for his entire freshman year in high school, and he looked like a completely different person.

I never grew up in the age of dreadlocks, and my hair has always been short, so I don’t see the appeal of having hair that long, but to each his own.

Max did a special thing for his mom, and when she opened the door, he never expected this sort of reaction from her.

When I first saw this video, I was worried that Max’s mom was going to be mad at him for going behind her back to cut his dreadlocks. However, when I saw her reaction, I knew instantly that she was so happy. Max’s mom couldn’t stop crying, and neither could I. She was so overcome with emotion that she asked for the camera to be turned off, but thankfully the entire moment was captured on tape.

Max’s sister can be heard excitedly telling her mom how good her son looks. Even though she is crying, Max knows that his mother is both shocked and happy at his transformation!

Max’s father was not featured in the video, so I have to wonder how he reacted when he saw his son’s new look. Hopefully, he loves Max’s new hairstyle.

If you loved this video, check out this clip of another man’s transformation after he cut off his dreadlocks.

How would you have reacted if your son or daughter cut off all their hair without telling you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! 

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