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Dogs don’t typically like baths. They often run and hide in an attempt to avoid a bath. If that fails, they try to tug at your heartstrings by flashing sad puppy dog eyes.┬áMy dogs run when I get their towels out.

My dogs run when I get their towels out, so I have to make sure all escape routes are secure before I even get their towels out of the closet. This is why bathing my dogs is a chore I dread.

I wish my dogs were more like a husky named Zeus. He loves baths. In fact, this good boy pleads and whines to get a bath! Trying to coerce my dogs into the bathtub is more than half the battle.

A video of him throwing a temper tantrum because he wants a bath went viral because it’s so unusual! This is even funnier when you realize that Zeus’ owners were trying to take him on a walk, but he wanted a bath instead. I have never heard a dog choosing a bath over a walk before! It’s always the other way around!

The water wasn’t even on and he was howling and begging for a bath. The must-see video below is hilarious for any dog lover to watch!

I’ve never seen a dog beg for a bath before! It would be hard saying no to him. I would love it if my dogs didn’t flee in terror everytime I wanted to bathe them.

Huskies are vocal dogs. They will whine, moan, and howl to try to get their way. They are known to have temper tantrums much like Zeus did. A viral video of a Husky named Monk is a good example of that. But like most dogs, Monk doesn’t like to get cleaned up. Watch him state his case on why he shouldn’t get a shower in the video below.

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