student gets in trouble for writing in cursive

There are plenty of teachers who are caring and thorough with their lesson plans, but there are some others who don’t fit that description. A bad teacher can have serious implications for a child’s self-esteem, and their future educational success.

Some teachers can be rather harsh and abrasive with their students. That’s what a 7-year-old girlĀ named Alyssa experienced with her teacher while doing an assignment. Alyssa’s mom felt it was important to teach her daughter cursive. Some schools no longer teach this style of writing, so her mom took it upon herself to help her daughter learn this dying form of penmanship.

The teacher was not only amused by Alyssa’s actions, but she got angry at her.

On a worksheet about vowels, Alyssa’s teacher wrote in red pen “Stop writing your name in cursive. You have had several warnings.”

Alyssa’s mom never expected her daughter would get reprimanded for writing in cursive, but that is exactly what happened.

Brenda Hatcher, a friend of Alyssa’s mom, posted a picture of the assignment with the nasty note. She said that Alyssa only wrote her name in cursive. The girl thought she was supposed to sign her name, and that is what she was doing. You can see a picture of the note below.

Amanda Hutchinson commented on the post, “Best of luck to any teacher who writes this on my children’s papers. All of mine will know how to write cursive.” That’s exactly how I feel. Alyssa was likely in 1st grade when this occurred. I don’t understand why this teacher has such a problem with Alyssa signing her name in cursive, and her abrasive note was unnecessary.

ThisĀ teacher is the cursive police, but she should be grateful that Alyssa’s mom took the time to teach this important handwriting skill to her young daughter. Instead of being applauded for learning to write in cursive, the girl was reprimanded.

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