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Mel Gibson has been toying around with the idea of creating a sequel to The Passion of the Christ. In 2016, he stated his intent to tell the next chapter, but now it is officially happening!

Jim Caviezel, who portrayed Jesus, has confirmed that he is growing out his beard to reprise his role as the Son of God. The devout Catholic actor also has a big prediction for The Resurrection. “I’ll tell you this much,” the actor said, “the film he’s going to do is going to be the biggest film in history,” Caviezel said. “It’s that good.”

The title details what the next chapter will be about. Of course, there isn’t much question as to the plot, but the details and imagery will help bring the story of Jesus’s resurrection to a younger generation.

The Passion of the Christ was a blockbuster, drawing people into theaters to learn about Jesus Christ. It brought in over $83 million in its opening weekend. At the time of its release, the movie was the top grossing R-Rated film in North America. It earned $611 million worldwide.

More information about The Resurrection is in the video below.

The movie was rather graphic to detail the emotional and physical pain Christ endured during His Passion, earning the Christian film an R-rating. It will be interesting to see how Gibson tells the story of Christ’s Resurrection and what rating is given to it.

In a 2016 interview, Mel Gibson said, “The Resurrection. Big subject. Oh, my God. We’re trying to craft this in a way that’s cinematically compelling and enlightening so that it shines new light, if possible, without creating some weird thing.”

A trailer for The Passion of the Christ can be viewed in the video below.

Many churches encouraged the faithful to see the movie. This is expected to happen again with The Resurrection.

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