Jim Caviezel

The worst thing you can be in Hollywood is a Christian. The Hollyweirdos think that believing in Jesus Christ is what actually makes you weird. The discrimination is so real that many Christians who work in Hollywood have to keep their faith a secret.

No one told that to actor Jim Caviezel though. He is loud and proud about his faith.

Caviezel is best known for playing the title role in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” The intensity of playing and shooting Jesus as he goes through torture and his eventual death caused real pain to the actor. They didn’t have a controlled shoot. Caviezel was actually whipped during the filming and his shoulder was dislocated as he was carrying the cross.

Caviezel broke bones, contracted pneumonia, and even had heart surgery due to the strain of the role. On the last shot of the day, he was actually struck by lightning. At one point, he actually thought he would die making this movie.

But if you think that dampened his faith in Christ, think again.

Listen to his powerful testimony of faith and perseverance below:

Watch the full 40-minute interview here:

Powerful testimony.”True freedom is not freedom to do what you like, but have the right to do what you ought,” is a poignant thing to remember during these turbulent times.

This makes me appreciate his performance all the more. It is so rare in Hollywood to see someone willing to stand up and witness for Christ. Jim Caviezel was willing to die portraying Jesus because he the movie would save lives.

I think I’ll have to re-watch “The Passion Of The Christ” again. Understanding what Jim went through and how it shaped him as a Christian makes his performance that much more special.

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