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All children are fascinated by large objects, especially ones that move. Who didn’t play with over-size toy dump trucks and fire trucks as a kid? We all did!

And imagine the joy you felt when you saw those big vehicles in person! The enormity of them always excited me. I wanted to hear them make their big noises that I only heard tiny, mono-sounding versions of.

I imagine this is what this little girl felt when she saw a big boat in a harbor. She, as any of us are want to do, wanted the ship to blow its big horn!

She got a bigger noise than she expected, though! I guess she didn’t expect the noise to match the size. Or perhaps she did, but she wasn’t ready for it to be THAT loud! This isn’t asking for a honk from an 18-Wheeler!

You’ll laugh at her reaction when the captain answers her request and blows the horn! This is a loud noise for a little girl to handle. Watch it below!

Let that be a lesson to you! The bigger the vessel, the LOUDER the horn!

She wasn’t prepared for the sound to be that loud! She turned and ran after getting her wish! Even though she got what she wanted, she was sure startled by it! I’m gonna need to get my hearing checked after this one!

This reminds me of asking every semi-truck driver on the highway to blow their horn. Whenever a driver would oblige, we would cheer! At least this little girl has a video to listen to the horn blow. Maybe she will be more comfortable listening to it on video back at home! Or maybe she will run and hide again!

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Source: FaithTap

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