Kris Dunn injury

We’ve all seen a sports injury that quite literally caused our jaws to drop. Sometimes, they’re so bad that you’re left wishing you could unsee it.

Fans watching the Chicago Bulls game on Wednesday night witnessed one of those cringe-worthy injuries when the Bulls’ Kris Dunn face-planted on the court after a dunk. The landing looked abysmal and might make you close your eyes.

Dunn headed down the court for a breakaway dunk, but he lost his grip while his legs were still moving. Down he went – hard! Dunn broke his fall with his teeth and did a tooth plant right into the court. The Bulls were apparently trying to be polite by saying Dunn had just been diagnosed with “dislocated teeth.”

Dunn hit the court so hard that he left teeth marks on the court! The pain must have been excruciating. It’s hard enough for me to watch the video, but if you have can stomach watching this dunk gone horribly wrong, check it out below.

Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg said after the game that Dunn was recovering. “There was a good little chunk that he took out of the floor. He’s being evaluated. Tough kid,” the coach said.

Dunn’s teeth did indeed leave a mark on the floor. This guy has some strong teeth to leave a mark like that. His mom must have made sure he drank lots of milk as a kid. A picture of the damaged floor is in the tweet below. I can’t imagine his neck feels good after this either.

Unfortunately, the Chicago Bulls allowed this grotesque fall to interfere with their momentum in the game. They lost to the Golden State Warriors 119-112. This was the Warriors’ 14th straight win on the road and is the third-longest streak in NBA history. After Wednesday’s loss, the Bulls travel to Atlanta to battle the Hawks on Saturday. It is not known at this time if Dunn will play.

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Source: Daily Mail

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