Condor rescue

Videos featuring humans interacting with wild animals can be truly viral and special moments. Seeing two creatures who normally have nothing to do with each other act like good friends is something we should all cherish and enjoy.

Well, in the video below, a wild condor was rescued by Edgardo Della Gaspera when it fell from its nest as a baby. Many people thought the baby bird had “flown” down to visit Della Gaspera, but that was not the case. Years after Gaspera saved this condor’s life, those who remembered the condor saw it on Della Gaspera’s farm and thought the bird had returned to say thank you. However, the condor never left Della Gaspera’s side.

The large bird had secured its home with its rescuer while adapting to a new life with Gaspera. Two videos emerged of this beautiful condor taking a bath, and then running towards the camera when called.

From Rumble Video:

The man greets the bird “Hello, how are you? Did you come to say ‘Hi’? Long time no see!”, the man is talking to his bird friend. Amazingly how comfortable this bird is with this man, allowing him to touch and pet him. It seems like this condor likes having his neck stroked.

This is one unique and very unusual friendship between man and bird. Watch how comfortable the vulture is among his human friend. Obviously, the bird is very grateful for the kind man and is lucky to be alive. Condor’s actions show how thankful a bird can actually be. How sweet!

Watch the two share an emotional hug in the video below:

It never ceases to amaze me how animals take a liking to a stranger, and then develop unbreakable bonds with them. It reminds of the old quote “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” This condor and Della Gaspera prove that humans and aminals can form powerful bonds that can last a lifetime.

Hopefully, these two can continue to share this special bond for years to come.

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Were you as moved by this unique relationship as I was? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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