The Carol Burnett Show

“The Carol Burnett Show” provided us with many laughs for 11 years. And, of course, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman were one of the best comedy duos of all time. They not only tried to make the audience laugh, but they tried to make each other laugh as well.

It’s hard to believe this classic sketch comedy series began airing over 50 years ago. The comedy was so pure, and rather perfect, that it’s still fun to watch decades after it first aired.

Harvey Korman Coaches Tim Conway On Picking Up Ladies

One of the more memorable skits from the series was when Harvey tried to teach Tim how to pick up women. This certainly wasn’t something Tim’s character was skilled at because he thought he was just supposed to grab unsuspecting women and kiss them.

When a woman sat next to Harvey at the bar, he showed Tim how to be flirtatious and grab a woman’s attention, without assaulting them.

After Tim witnessed this, Carol Burnett walked into the bar and sat next to Tim. He knew this was his chance to make a move. Tim Conway tried to put Harvey’s lesson to good use, but it was one awkward attempt after another, to no avail.

Then, the ceiling started falling in, literally.

In today’s hyper-feminist environment, there is no way this skit could air on prime time television. Watch the video below to remember how funny television used to be!

That was hilarious, and a great example of why we loved “The Carol Burnett Show” so much.

“The Carol Burnett Show” Gifted Us With Years Of Laughter

It was incredibly popular during its entire 11-year run on television. That’s a heck of a run!

The cast worked so perfectly together, providing us with thousands of laughs over the years.

If you thought Tim trying his hand with the ladies was funny, click here for another laugh from the show where Tim Conway and Carol Burnett are servants to a pretentious, and odd, wealthy couple. You just know that’s a perfect recipe for side-splitting laughter. 

If you enjoyed those skits, check out a hilarious scene on bedtime honesty from the show:

Today’s Hollywood producers should watch old episodes of “The Carol Burnett Show” so they know what true comedy is.

Nothing on television today compares to what Carol Burnett did for 11 straight years. The woman is a true comedic genius.

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