Baby Nap Time

Nearly all of the stories I write about for TellMeNow talk about people who have similar experiences in my own life.

In the video below, Mariah and Beckham are two babies that were put down for a nap while a hidden camera was recording their every move. Fortunately, these two cuties didn’t know their actions were about to go viral.

From Rumble:

Mariah and Beckham are supposed to be napping, but user ‘ninacecilia’ wanted to know just what was going on in there. After reviewing the footage this hidden camera picked up, it’s clear these two need to be separated for nap time!

These two are adorable together! The way they interact with each other is amazing, it is almost as if they are all grown up! We knew kids grew up fast, but it seems that no one could have thought that they would grow up this fast!

Watch this adorable moment in the video below:

These two adorable babies unite to become something you would never think of….organized. It’s funny to watch clips like this because babies don’t know they’re being recorded, and you get to see just how smart they really are. They want to be independent really fast. I’ve always thought it’s remarkable how babies coordinate with one another at such a young age.

I have twin girls, and I grew up with my adopted sister, who was nine months younger than I was. I remember when my mom and dad would leave the room, my sister and I would communicate on our own level, and we would get into all sorts of trouble together.

Years later, there was one time I remember hearing my daughters scream at the top of their lungs, and I thought something terrible had happened to them. I ran towards their room and I saw the gate which was supposed to prevent them from getting out. There was no time for me to take the gate down because they sounded like they were in trouble, so I jumped over the gate.

My second foot didn’t make it, so I ended up tripping on the gate and fell face first into their room, while my daughters were still screaming. After I fell to the ground, my daughters looked at me like I was crazy, and they sat in their beds waiting for me to “help” them.

My girls knew that if they pretended to cry I would rush in to check on them. Just liked the babies in the video above, my daughters worked together and took advantage of me, and I caved every time.

If you loved this video, check out this adorable video of two babies “fighting”:

Were your children this smart and organized at such a young age? Share your stories with us in the comments section below! 

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