The Most Infamous Foreign Objects Ever Used Inside A Wrestling Ring

But while a guitar may seem out of place in a wrestling ring, it's far from the only foreign object to be used. Here are a few more

Over the summer, “The Drifter” Elias Samson took a page out of the playbook of The Honky Tonk Man and Jeff Jarrett and busted a perfectly good guitar over Finn Balor’s head.


And for all of you who think the violence in wrestling isn’t real, Samson’s stunt caused some very real damage to Balor’s head:

Ouch. But while a guitar may seem out of place in a wrestling ring, it’s far from the only foreign object to be used inside the squared circle. Here are a few more – and some are stranger than others.

Cattle Prod

Where Jeff Jarrett had the guitar, Jacques Rougeau had the cattle prod. When Rougeau made his return to WWE in 1991 he took to shocking defeated opponents with a cattle prod; he was so fond of the device that Roddy Piper even wore a rubber vest to try and negate the electric charge. However, the most infamous use of the cattle prod was when Scott Hall used one to zap Goldberg in a match against Kevin Nash, thus causing Goldberg to lose both the World Heavyweight Title and his undefeated streak.

Brass Knuckles

Many heels over the years have employed brass knuckles, but they’re undoubtedly most associated with William Regal – Regal even has his brass knuckles displayed on a velvet cushion in his NXT office. However, the easily concealed weapon didn’t always work in Regal’s favor. In 2002, Spike Dudley stole Regal’s brass knuckles and used them to win the European Championship.

Mr. Socko

Mr. Socko might be the most beloved foreign object in WWE history – but that’s not say it (he?) wasn’t an effective weapon against Mankind’s opponents. Mankind initially created Mr. Socko to cheer up Vince McMahon as he recuperated in the hospital, but he later employed the puppet in the ring when he would pull the sock out of his pants and put it on his hand before locking the Mandible Claw on his opponents.


If someone hit you in the head with a sledgehammer, you would probably die. Nevertheless, the sledgehammer is Triple H’s weapon of choice. Throughout his career, no one has been immune to Triple H’s sledgehammer attacks. From his father-in-law Vince McMahon to his best friend, Shawn Michaels. I don’t blame his opponents for running in the other direction as soon as he pulls that thing out.


If you were a wrestler with ophidiophobia, Jake “The Snake” Roberts was your worst nightmare. Throughout the 80’s and early 90’s, Roberts would bring all manner of real, live snakes to the ring. From pythons to boa constrictors to cobras. But while Roberts usually just used his pet snakes to intimidate his opponents. Randy Savage was bitten by a cobra once. Yikes.

Which was your favorite weapon? Share your thoughts.

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