service dog bully
service dog bully

Service dogs have important jobs that help their owners with disabilities. They act as a team and go everywhere together. While most people respect the symbiotic relationship between a person and their service dog, there are people who lose their minds over it.

Drew Lynch has a service dog named Stella. Thousands of dollars have been spent training this beautiful dog. Drew depends on her. She’s his sidekick, so she went with him to Panda Express to get some chicken. Unfortunately, they ran into a bully who threatened to beat Drew up because of Stella.

This cue ball headed jerk threw an insult at Drew as he and Stella were leaving the restaurant. “Leave your dog outside next time,” the creep said. He called Stella a “fake a** service dog.” Drew turned around to clarify the fact that Stella is a trained dog.

The man continued confronting Drew about his service dog. The other customers told the man he was being a jerk. Strangely, the Panda Express staff continued serving this man as he was causing a scene over a service dog. The staff apologized to Drew, but still served the bully.

When Drew left the restaurant, this bully was waiting for him. This man is clearly compensating for something. He exploded and threw almost every expletive at Drew imaginable. He even told Drew to go around the corner because he wanted to beat him up – all over a service dog.

Drew is actually a comedian, but there was nothing funny about this. He and Stella deserve to be treated better than they were in the video below. Be warned that language in the video is not safe for work or little ears.

Unreal! This video has gone viral with over a million people seeing it so far. Hopefully, someone recognizes this big bully who is threatened by a service dog. Anyone who loses their marbles like that over a dog probably has quite a few problems in their life. I can’t imagine how he treats people he knows if he is so awful to complete strangers.

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