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While children were at a Fort Myers mall to see Santa, one woman engaged in a brawl outside of Victoria’s Secret. Now, the Florida Department of Children and Families is investigating after her toddler was pushed right into the middle of the violent fight.

The brawl at the Edison Mall included about 10 people, and many were women. Punches were thrown and hair was pulled. Chaos ensued in the midst of the last-minute holiday shopping.

Horrifically, one of the women participating in the fight pushed her toddler’s stroller into the thick of it so she could kick someone in the head. She then abandoned the young child while she ran off to hit the woman when she tried to get up.

It is believed the fight started following a double murder that happened days earlier. Two of the victims were approached while they were leaving Victoria’s Secret. Before the first punch was thrown, someone said to these two “His blood’s on you.” This was apparently in reference to Samuel Jones. Jones and another man, Eric Young, were recently found shot dead.

What kind of mother leaves her child behind to fight? Her anger is so out of control that she left her child vulnerable so she could get a kick and some swings in while innocent people stood nearby.

While many parents are excitedly preparing their children for Christmas, this mom decided to teach her child a lesson on how to assault people. Shoppers, including other children, were caught up in this during their Christmas shopping. This woman’s actions have alarmed authorities, and parents nationwide, who question whether this woman is fit to take care of her child.

A Victoria’s Secret manager was also pushed despite trying to stop the fight occurring right outside her store. She was also hit on her head and chest.

Video of the brawl taken by an innocent shopper has gone viral. You can view it below.

How absolutely appalling! It is disgusting that this would happen any time of the year. It is even worse because this fight occurred as people are celebrating peace and goodwill.

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Source: Fox News

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