Ban Christmas

Leftists and liberals alike have completely lost it. This time they are going after Christmas because it somehow offends them.

Cabot Phillips and Amber Athey of Campus Reform went to the University of Virginia to see if students would sign a petition to ban Christmas and all of its cheer from campus. They encountered many students who were more than willing to stop anyone from celebrating Christmas at UVA because of the supposed oppressiveness and triggering of the holiday.

The video below is both astounding and sad. How did these students grow up without any respect for other people’s viewpoints? Also, who in their right mind wants to ban Christmas? A time of joy and hope, where people are genuinely happy and celebrating time with their loved ones and family. These people are worse than the Grinch. He only wanted to steal Christmas so he could have the joy for himself; they want to ban Christmas so no one can have joy.

Even the Christmas lights are offensive to these students. They willingly sign the petitions to ban Christmas! They don’t even want others to experience the happiness of the season because it might hurt someone else’s feelings!

Thomas Jefferson must be rolling over in his grave that these are the kind of people who actually attend his university. Watch the video below to see how out of control things have gotten on today’s college campuses.

If I saw my kids signing a petition like this, I would stop paying their tuition. I wouldn’t stand for it! This politically correct push to ban anything that brings joy and happiness has gotten out of control. They appear to want everyone to be miserable because some people are uncomfortable with joy and happiness! Even secular things like Christmas lights are offensive to these snowflakes!

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H/T: Campus Reform

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