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Before you get in your car today, check your door VERY carefully. A disturbing new trend among car thieves is becoming more and more popular as we speak, and every American needs to be warned about this.

According to Q Political, thieves are now shoving a quarter or penny or any other coin in car doors like this:


If you miss it in the morning and drive off to work, things will be fine…Until you get home.

When you pull into your driveway and push the “lock” system, it will fail to lock because the coin will jam the lock, preventing you from securing your car. Then, when you walk into your house, the thief will walk right up to your car door and open it.

The crook doesn’t even have to follow you. As long as they know where you park regularly, they can just return when they think you will be parked there.


This will give them access to your car. They can steal it or any contents you keep in it. Worse, they can wait in your vehicle with the intention of harming you or your family upon your return.

To be safe, check that ALL your car doors don’t have coins on them before you get in your vehicle. It’s important to go over to the passenger side. Most of us don’t think to look over there when we are alone, but that’s the most likely place for a coin to be placed. A crook is going to put the coin where it is least likely to be detected.

Another trick car thieves are using is tying a shirt to your windshield wiper so you stop to take it off, leaving you and your car vulnerable. Click here to read about that!

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Source: QPolitical

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