Here Are The Worst WWE Champions Of 2017

With my Christmas present arriving early this year, I am happy to share the joy by announcing the worst WWE champions of 2017 below!

Yes, it is that beautiful time of the year where I can make multiple lists to show my displeasure with WWE programming! With my Christmas present arriving early this year, I am happy to share the joy by announcing the worst WWE champions of 2017 below!

1. Brock Lesnar

brock lesnar worst matches

This is my early Christmas present, my dear readers, since I get to declare Brock Lesnar as the worst WWE champion of 2017 and frankly a sad example of WWE wrestling! Yes, I even put him above Jinder Mahal, and I will provide you with a bullet point list to tell you why. God, I love the holiday season!

  • He barely appears on WWE television, unless he needs to cut a promo for an upcoming pay-per-view;
  • The man cannot cut a promo himself; he needs Heyman to do it for him;
  • Heyman always hypes me up for this FANTASTIC match, only to be disappointed;
  • Did not defend his title within the required 30-day period, as stated in the WWE rules. However, Finn Balor was forced to give up his title because he could not defend it within the 30-day period because of an injury. Preferential treatment much?
  • Huffed and puffed his way through nearly all his matches this year;
  • Refuses to do match preparation, as confirmed by Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and many others;
  • He is paid more than other talents despite not appearing regularly;
  • He was rewarded for bad behavior, even after testing positive for performance enhancers. This is public record, yet no action was taken by the WWE;
  • He’s not subject to the WWE’s wellness policy, so once again special rules apply to this wrestler. Him not being subject to the Wellness Policy got him out of a pickle after his positive test;
  • Brock is rumored not to get random drug tests, while other WWE superstars do;
  • He destroyed the momentum of hard working superstars, including Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman, so that he could retain his title until WrestleMania (something that seems more likely with every passing day);
  • His regular absence is damaging the Raw brand and the prestige of the title;
  • I’ve looked at his matches at every possible angle, including upside down with a packet of crisps. I also tried looking at it blindfolded eating my favorite selection of chocolates. And guess what? It’s still bad!

I can keep going guys, but I like my readers too much to put you all through that. Besides, I would probably need an entire toilet roll to note down all my grievances with the current Universal Champion.

2. Jinder Mahal

jinder mahal championship

Another example of questionable ethics within the WWE. Jinder Mahal went from jobber to immediate champion, all in a bid to conquer the Indian market. The Singh Brothers made his reign somewhat bearable for me, but I have to admit I probably slept through most of his pay-per-view matches. His reign was also drenched in rumors of performance enhancer abuse, although nothing has ever come out to support that claim.

3. Bayley

This one hurts me on a personal level, because I honestly did not want to include the Hugger on this list. I love Bayley as a person, and she works extremely hard, but her title reign was dreadful. However, Bayley’s reign was not terrible because of her skills and passion for the businesses. No, I put her title reign failure solely in the camp of WWE creative.

What is your top three of worst champions of 2017? Who would you add to the list? Let me know in the comment section below!

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