It is time for another list to end 2017! This time? My list of the best dressed WWE superstars of 2017! Of course, you cannot blame me for this, since I do like the glamour of wrestling just as much as the matches themselves. Who made it on my list? Find out below!

1. Maryse

In my opinion, there is only one wrestler that deserves the number one spot, even though she is currently not on WWE television due to her pregnancy. Despite her recent leave of absence, Maryse has delighted us with some stunning outfits this year.

Maryse knows her fashion, always coming out with attire that matches her body type, skin tone and even her hair colour. I’ve never seen Maryse wearing a bad outfit this year; therefore, I name her as the number 1 best dressed WWE superstar of 2017 and the most stylish woman in the WWE! Toutes nos f√©licitations Maryse!

2. The Miz

Tye Dillinger

Let me tell you, it is extremely difficult for a male wrestler to end up on my list of best dressed, but the Miz has managed it. Year after year, the Miz appears in the ring in impeccable dress; this includes anything from entrance attire to actual in-ring attire. I wonder if Maryse has something to do with his outstanding wardrobe choices?

3. Stephanie McMahon

I have to make a confession. Stephanie McMahon had such a stunning outfit at WrestleMania this year, I immediately went to look for the clothing she was wearing, especially the boots! Unfortunately, the boots were a little out of my price range, to say the least. Still, Stephanie McMahon can compete with any of the women on the roster where style and beauty are concerned.

4. Lana

NASHVILLE, TN – JUNE 08: WWE superstars Rusev and Lana attend the 2016 CMT Music awards at the Bridgestone Arena on June 8, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by John Shearer/WireImage)

I would love a peek at Lana’s wardrobe, but I couldn’t promise I wouldn’t sneak anything in my handbag. Lana has a sense of style that rivals some of the other women in this overview. I cannot wait to see what she will wear next, but I had to put her lower on the list because of some of her ring attire, which wasn’t quite on point. I also notice she has problems with over-accessorizing her outfits (as seen in the picture). However, I’m sure she will rank in my top three next year!

5. Charlotte

Charlotte Flair

Our list would not be complete without a genuine Queen, so Charlotte is the next person on my list. Even though she draws the inspiration for her entrance attire from her dad Ric Flair, she still manages to keep it modern and young. Her only issue where fashion is concerned? Her in-ring attire does not compliment her height, but this is something that can be fixed easily. Other than that, Charlotte has provided us with the most impressive entrance attires!

Who do you believe is the best dressed WWE superstar of the year? Let us know in the comment section below!