Coca-Cola truck

The Coca-Cola truck is a visible part of the Christmas season. It adorns lots of advertisements for the soft drink. The jolly picture of Santa Claus and the lights around the truck add to the holiday magic.

The inside of the truck is even more magical than the outside. Two lucky winners got to spend the night inside the famed truck. They were treated to dinner and had a concierge on hand to get them anything they might have needed. Of course, they had as much of their favorite cola as their hearts desired.

After dinner, the lucky couple sat in red bean bag chairs and watched Christmas movies. When they were tuckered out, they jumped into the twin beds covered in festive reindeer comforters. Best of all, they awoke the next morning to lots of presents under the tree and stockings full of treats just for them!

The inside of the truck doesn’t look anything like a truck. Rather, it looks like a cozy little home. It is decorated in Coca-Cola’s signature colors of red and white and over 8,000 Christmas lights. This surely helped put those lucky guests in a festive Christmas mood.

Coca-Cola Truck

Coca-Cola Truck

Coca-Cola Truck

A video with more information about the Coca-Cola truck is below.

The truck was parked at a secret location in London for this overnight stay. The lucky winner was chosen after entering a contest where they explained why they were the ultimate fan of Christmas.

Coca-Cola has been using the tour to encourage people to recycle their cans. The company plans to help reduce its packaging by 25% in 2020 from their 2007 numbers.

The Coca-Cola truck has made 397 stops and it has traveled more than 730,000 miles since 2011. That’s like driving around the world more than 29 times!

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